Thursday 14 June 2018

One Last Hurrah (for now)

I'm putting this blog on hold until I can think of a reason to justify its return (like a sudden surge in general internet popularity, one can dream!)

That's not to say I'm not still busy doing things - on the contrary, I've just launched the biggest load of content I've ever posted online across a whole range of different platforms... As a quick run-down:

Sofa Space - my book - is now done and available to purchase on Amazon.
Let's Get Itchy - is a new Let's Play series where I try out random games on
My Itch Page - Speaking of Itch, this is where my newest games are hosted.
Stupid Mario Bros Revisited - I've done a 10 year retrospective on my crude but popular animated series.
Supermarket RPGis Sean Rugg's big upcoming game project I'm helping out on.

So, while I'll no longer bother updating this blog for the time being, I'm definitely keeping busy. I'll also be contributing to the Supermarket RPG blog as development heats up.
See you on the other side!