Sunday 29 October 2017

OOORBS 1 Year Later...

I released my game OOORBS a year ago today. Now it's time for some stats that nobody asked for!
In the last year:
  • Across all players, almost 750,000 orbs have been individually collected. The first two weeks of tracking were accidentally wiped so I'm going to pretend that's actually 1 million.
  • The main mode has been played 7831 times - nearly 90 hours in total. That's not tracking the majority of people who gave up during the tutorial. Hmm...
  • My personal high score of 1497 has been thrashed 58 times. I guess making the actual game gave me no advantage whatsoever.
  • Oddest / most worrying player names include 'toast', 'kanye west', 'Killer Man', 'Mr. President', 'Asian Sticker', 'fick ye all hahd', 'freakyfrank45', 'FatWhale****' and 'Guess who?'
  • OOORBS was played over 1000 times on Christmas Day 2016 for some reason.
  • Thanks to the .swf format's lack of copy protection, OOORBS has been unofficially reposted on countless Flash sites without my permission. It's annoying, yes, but something I'll be more careful of on future projects - especially now that I've moved away from Flash entirely. Someone even posted it on a Chinese game website complete with elaborate Chinese instructions...
So much for my 'you don't need instructions' mandate...

So, what now? Am I done with OOORBS entirely or am I planning on using it as the stepping stone towards something better? Come back in 2018 and I might have an answer to that question. See ya!

You can play OOORBS here or check out even more stats if you really want to.